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Published: 23rd May 2010
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The difference between PS Pros and their competitors in the industry of PlayStation 3 repairs is vast, giving an exceptional service, in terms of Industry leading warranties, lowest prices, caring and responsive customer service, takes them head and shoulders above any other service currently out there.

Since the launch of Sony's PlayStation 3 in 2007, today, this phenomenal console has become an entirely different beast, powered by IBM's cell processor, this slick gaming powerhouse with a built-in media centre, gives confidence to all gamers everywhere, and gaming on the PS3 has become enormous and a joy for all.

Once you have experienced the versatility of this home entertainment computer, you will be hooked, and although one of the most popular gaming products on the market, life can be cruel to an ardent gamer when things go wrong.

PS Pros specialise in play in PlayStation3 repairs, and offer either a mail-in repair service or if local to the London area your repair can be done while-u-wait. To PS Pros the customer is of utmost importance, and this Ps3 repair facility's reputation is paramount to the success of their business, and because of their work ethics, customer's feedback is great, thus, they know they are doing something right, and are giving a service that is head and shoulders above their competitors.

The PlayStation repairs are completed within 30-40 minutes and the cost is hard to believe, from £30 to £75, and you can actually get back to gaming the same day. If you choose to use the mail-in service, after PS Pros are contacted by you, they will arrange to pickup your console at your location, will repair the same day of receiving your PlayStation, and deliver back to you at no charge, and if that is not enough, all repairs are guaranteed for 90 days, can you wonder why this company is highly regarded within the Industry.

The service PS Pros offers separates them out from all other repair facilities, they have refurbished 160gb PlayStation 3's or original 60gb PlayStation 3's and offer these systems for sale with power cable, AV Cable, 6 Axis Wireless Controller, USB Cable, HDMI Cable and all systems come with a 90 day warranty, furthermore they can fix all PS3 problems encompassing YLOD (Yellow Light of Death), freezing, not reading games or movies, not accepting discs hard drive errors, no video, no power, and much more.

This stand alone company can see the 'wood from the trees', in terms of recognising the needs of their customers, and endeavour to give them a fast turnaround time, professional, responsive, and personal service and at a price that is affordable, between £30 to £75 will certainly not break the bank, so why wait for other repair facilities to take days to fix your problem, or worse still send it back to Sony and wait sometimes months, and pay the earth.

Go online and check out this PlayStation 3 repair shop, once you have found it, you will not let it go, and you will be able to read the reviews other gamers have posted on the Website, this alone will give you confidence to deal with the Pros.

For further information visit: www.ps-pros.co.uk

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