Leaflet And Flyer - The Same?

Published: 26th November 2009
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A question frequently asked is "what's the difference between a printed flyer and a printed leaflet? The answer is anything but clear cut.

Generally a printed flyer is thought to be advertising information which might be very immediate. To promote a Restaurant, Night Club, Bar etc.

On the other hand a printed leaflet is perceived to be of better design or larger A5 or A4 size and give more detailed information with regards to a business or product.

Leaflets are so versatile and a hugh amount of businesses find them an essential part of their marketing. Whoever a business is trying to reach, a Leaflet inserted into newspapers, posted out, or propped up on the counter catch the eye in glorious full colour and of course is most cost effective.

Leaflets when used correctly will target your market, if the message is right, and fit for purpose. What is the message you want to put out there, what makes you different, what have you to offer, focus on your Unique Selling Point.

First impressions are lasting ones, good design of leaflets can mean the difference between success and failure. At this time of the year leaflets come into their own, advertising special sales, and seasonal promotions.

At Hannah Print full colour leaflets are their 'forte' and a spokesman for these Birmingham Printers said "we are universally acknowledged as being the standard to which all printers imitate, based solely on our pursuit to the perfect marketing tool". He went on to say "we use premium 130gsm gloss instead of cheap 130gsm leaflet paper which is more commonly used". He also said "whatever the size of business we treat all our clients with the same personal approach and this is why we are the chosen design and print provider for businesses throughout Solihull, Birmingham and the UK".

Leaflet advertising can be done very economically; full colour leaflets with the correct design can be very cost effective attracting the right target audience.

To businesses, advertising their products and services is still a basic necessity and something they have to cover, they will want to cover it in the most financially accessible and affordable manner possible, and this can only be through leaflets.

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