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Published: 12th May 2010
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Document scanning and document management can effectively streamline any office environment; this process helps employees to work more efficiently, by easily accessing conveniently stored information. Document management saves space, time and more importantly money.

A very real fact in businesses today is that filing systems only ever seem to grow and grow, the reason being that legal requirements demands that documents detailing transactions, research and correspondence has to be retained for many years before finally shredded.

In this modern day of technology this working practice of retention of the hard copy has gone 'out the window' as at last technology has come to the rescue of companies overwhelmed by a mountain of paper. As more and more businesses decide to take the jump of faith document scanning and electronic storage is growing more and more.

One of the reasons why businesses are sometimes reluctant to move towards document scanning is the legal aspect or admissibility of scanned documents, and directors and management of companies all over the UK are asking themselves, do electronic documents hold the same evidence weight as paper?

The BSI DISC PD008 is the current British Standard document relating to 'Legal Admissibility and evidential weight of information stored electronically. And for a company to claim full compliance with the British Standard the implementation of rigorous document management systems should be in place.

Any company working with a specialist document scanning service with in-depth understanding of this standard can identify the best and most compliant system for their needs, and organisations can rest assured that implementation of an electronic document management system is much easier than one would think, Businesses can benefit by working with a specialist scanning company such as Click2Scan and can benefit from their great knowledge and experience.

Click2Scan with offices in London and Wiltshire concentrate on the one and only technology field of document scanning and digitizing hard copy, and can offer their clients expert advice and opinions, also provide support and backup every step of the way, they have on offer a 'complete package' in terms of services and products they offer to the customer.

The services include hardware and software sales, document management software, document scanning services, document scanner hire, photo, slide and negative scanning, and if you are looking for technology for your office, Click2Scan sell a range of document scanners from Canon, Kodak and Fujitsu and all the software you need to speed up labour intensive processes. Click2Scan have solved UK wide problems and come up with solutions.

A spokesman for Click2Scan said "our real strength is understanding a clients needs and then tailoring a solution that will save time and money, and it doesn't matter where you are in the UK we are able to assist, in fact whatever your needs, if it's related to digitizing information, we are the UK's experts and have a solution to suit".

Click2Scan to the rescue handling everything from scanning data, microfilm scanning, photo scanning, if you have a problem, they have a solution. Whatever a company wants to do, scan and shred, or scan and re-pack into long term storage, Click2Scan will help ensure your scanning is compliant.

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